Lemon benefits for skin

How the Lemon benefits for skin?

The lemon with water is not only used for losing the weight, but also used for cleaning the skin. The consumption of lemon water with the honey in empty stomach acts as the cleaning agent for skin. The skin gets smooth and also get glow.

How the lemon used for whiten the nails

The nails should be soaked in the warm water for up to 5 minutes. Then the nails should be rubbed with the slice of lemon and should be soaked again in the cool water. If the treatment continues for several days, then the nail will get more white and strong.

Lemon benefits for skin

Tips for skin care using lemon

Following are the benefits of lemon;

  • Are you having dark spots in elbow? No worry. The inside peel of the lemon should be rubbed and apply in the elbow.
  • The lemon and the honey should be mixed and applied as the bleach to the skin, which help to decrease the melanin pigment.
  • The head ache and the hotness of the body can be relieved by using the lemon powder. The peel of the lemon should be dried out in the sun and then should be powdered. Apply to the hair before taking bath.
  • By applying the lemon juice in the hair is the best treatment for the dandruff.
  • If the lemon applied to the face, then the wrinkles in the face will gone.
  • The lemon and the equal amount of water can be sprayed to the skin, but avoid the place of injuries.
  • Do you want to make own facial wash? Follow this. Take lemon and equal amount of water, aloe and the honey. Then mix it and apply to the face.
  • The lemon should be soaked in the water for few minutes. Then the lemon should be squeezed in the cotton. Apply to the face and rinse for up to 30 minutes.
  • The lotion can also be prepared with the lemon. Combine one drop rum and two drops of lemon and three drops of glycerin. Apply to the skin and should be rubbed and
  • Lemon clears the scars of acne.


Lemon benefits for skin


How to smoothen the skin

The dead cells make the skin more rough and tough. Take the lemon juice and add some sugar to it. The mixed juice should be rubbed with the skin. The result is getting smooth skin. Even the lemon uses to moisture the skin. The lemon and the olive oil should be blended properly. Apply to the skin and allow it for ten minutes. After that, wash it with the warm water.

The lemon is rich in vitamin-c, which is perfect to brighten the skin. The lemon should be rubbed on the skin for up to ten minutes. Then wash it with cool water. To get the perfect result, the treatment should be done daily.

Lemon oil

The vapor distillation process is used to get the lemon oil and the oil can be applied to the dull skin. The lemon oil should not be applied directly. One part of the lemon oil should be mixed with the 10 parts of any coconut oil. The mixture should be applied to the skin at evening time because the sun exposure should be limit.

How lemon protect from skin cancer

The lemon is the best remedy for skin cancer. The lemon peel should be added with the black tea, which gives the good result. Seventy percentage of the skin cancer risk are reduced due to the lemon peel with black tea.

Lemon mask for oil skin

The lemon is the good antiseptic. Take some cooked oatmeal and lemon juice. Apply them to the face and allow for up to 20 minutes. Then wash it with the cool water and pat with the towel. The person, who has oil skin, can do it for once in a week.

Lemon benefits for skin


When the lemon used as mask, the result is good. The lemon cleans the dirt and the bacteria, which helps to cause pimples. The lemon juice accompanied with the grape juice and the white of the egg. The mixture can be applied to the oil face and makes the face to glow.

Advice to lighten the skin

  • The skin can be lightened with the lemon, but the process will take time. The components in the lemon have the lightening power naturally.
  • At the time of taking the treatment with lemon, avoid going to the sunlight. Better, the sunscreen creams can be applied. Otherwise, the desired result will not come out.
  • When start to use the lemon for treatment should be continued regularly. Otherwise there is no use in consuming the lemon for the skin.
  • The awareness should be there about the method of treatment using. If there is any problem of burning or itching, stop the method. Better to get advice from doctors.

Some things to keep in mind

At the time of using the lemon juice to the face, the juice should not touch the eyes. After using the lemon in the face or skin, the area should be cleaned with the water. Avoid the direct sunlight. Before using the peel of the lemon, it should be washed properly.

Lemon benefits for skin

The reason is, at the growing time the pesticides may be used by the farmers. At the time of shipping, in order to prevent from damage the lemon peel covers with the wax coating. The lemon peel has the abundant oxalates. The significant oxalates may lead to form the stones in the kidney. If there is any allergy in using the lemon, get the advice from doctor and consume in correct way.

Health benefits of lemon

The lemon peel of 100 gm has the following things.

  • Potassium- 160 milligrams,
  • Calcium- 134 milligrams,
  • Vitamin C- 129 milligrams and
  • Fiber- 10.6 grams.

The lemon has more and more benefits. Everybody should use the lemon in the daily life, since it has all the medicinal values. The lemon should be handled in a good and healthy way. Have the fresh and cool life with lemon.

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