Lemon - Cure for Soar Throat

How to get rid of sore throat?

What is sore throat?

The sore throat is the vexation made in the throat and the pain of the problem may be either mild or extreme. The pain may occur anywhere in the throat region or the oropharynx.

Lemon Cure for Sore Throat

Causes for sore throat

The sore throat is usually caused by both the infection of bacteria and virus. If the throat pain caused due to bacteria, then it is easy to cure by antibiotic treatment. When the throat pain caused due to fungi, it is difficult to cure with treatment.

Lemon Cure for Sore Throat

The common way for spreading the sore throat is as follows,

  • The sharing of the drinks,
  • Coughing,
  • Sneezing and
  • Kissing.

The causes are given as follows,

  • Some people breathe through mouth, which causes the dryness in the throat easily and there will be a pain.
  • For smokers, the sore throat is the starting stage for the throat cancer.
  • The mild irritation may cause due to some allergies.
  • The mononucleosis may cause irritation and the foreign substances are helpful in increasing the irritation.
  • The people who are having the sinus may also have the sore throat.
  • The throat irritation may also occur due to glandular fever, which results as difficulties in breathing.
  • The tonsillitis also creates some mild irritation to the throat, but when they are large in size the irritation will be more.
  • The viruses are having many varieties and they are easily leads to throat pain.
  • The heart valve problems and the problem in the kidney may also affect the throat.

Symptoms of the sore throat

Lemon Cure for Sore Throat

The symptoms are helpful in finding the sore throat and also help to clear the problem as soon as possible. The pain in the throat may also extend to the ear, when the proper treatment is not given.

The symptoms are as follows,

  1. The lymph nodes that are located at the jaws and the neck get affected through the sore throat. This can be easily found out since it is the symptom occurs in the external body.
  2. If the Coxsackie virus caused the throat pain, then they develop the blisters on the tonsils.
  3. The pain due to the streptococcal infection results in swell in the tonsils and the pain will be increased.
  4. The sore throat may also cause when there is any injure in the back of the mouth.
  5. The severe head ache will happen and sometimes there is a chance to vomit.
  6. The white patches will be formed in the throat and the breathing problem also occurs.
  7. The opening of mouth and the swallowing of the food will also become difficult.
  8. The pain in the joint and the rashes in the throat may also occur.


Remedies of sore throat done in home

Lemon Cure for Sore Throat

The problem should be treated well by the guidance of doctor. But before going to the doctor, the home remedies can be tried to cure the problem. The person should be well versed in how to get rid of sore throat otherwise don’t take any risks.

Some of the treatment is given below,

  • The temporary pain relief can be got through gargling the salt water or harm water, through the tea and the spray. The hard candies can be used, but not to use for the children.
  • Humidifier is the great reliefs for the throats that are caused due to the dry air breathe through mouth.
  • The nasal sprays can be used for the relief, but not use more than two days. The sprays give temporary relief, but not cure the problem.
  • The chamomile tea is the best tool for pain relief. The spirits can be added with the large amount of warm water and then the gargling should be done for the throat pain.
  • Honeysuckle tea- First boil 1 liter of water and add the flowers of honey suckle but not add the leaves. Keep it for ten minutes and then filter the preparation. The person has to drink four cups daily and the best result can be got from it. Honeysuckle flower is very tasty and good smelling herb and also the popular medicine in China for the sore throat.
  • Lemon Cure for Sore Throat
  • Apple cider vinegar- 1 spoon, Cayenne pepper- small amount, lemon juice- one by fourth of lemon, Honey- 1 spoon. Add all the above items with one cup of hot water and should be stirred well. The affected individual should take from 3 to 4 cups daily.
  • The humidifier will give moisture to the place or air. The humidifier should be fixed where you will spend most of the time.
  • Sucking the candies will increase the saliva production, which is very helpful in keeping the throat in the moisture way.
  • The garlic and the ginger are the natural medicine for the sore throat. The garlic will act as the antibiotic and the ginger also will give the good result as garlic.
  • One spoon of the lime juice should be mixed with the one spoon of honey and this mixture should be taken daily in the slow way.
  • The cough and the throat pain can be reduced through the lemon and honey added in the marjoram tea.
  • The root of the balloon flower plant either added with the tea or the warm water is the remedy for the severe cough and the sore throat.
  • The root of Licorice can also be consumed for the throat pain, but the pregnant women, blood pressure patients and the person having the kidney disease should not consumed the medicine.
  • At last, the slippery elms are also used as the medicine for respiratory problems which also reduces the throat pain.

The above treatments can be continued, but no longer than 10 days. If the problem in the throat continues, the doctor should be consulted and the treatment should be started. If not some serious problem may come and the treatments taken in the home should be well informed to the doctor.

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