Benefits of Lemon

This article describes the benefits of lemon. Lemon the round yellow juicy fruit is the full of resources that we need in our daily life. It is the super food which is mix with both vitamins and minerals. Also its yellowish look attracts from the first sight and reminds me all of my love at first sights . Its sour taste if you directly lick is so amazing that it shakes your whole body and puts water in your mouth.

The strong antibacterial and antiviral properties added the worth of this food and the major benefits of lemon. Lemons contain vitamin C or ascorbic acid, citric acid

(gives lemons sour taste), flavonoids, Vitamin B complex, potassium, magnesium, calcium, copper, phosphorus, iron, and fiber. The fruit is low in calories - 29 calories per 100 grams - contains no saturated fats, nor cholesterol. Although lemon is acidic when eaten, it has an alkalizing and purifying effect on the blood which is also a wonderul benefit of lemon.

Benefits of lemon

Following are the benefits of lemon;

Resist infectious agents

Among the many benefits of lemon the foremost is that Lemons are the major source of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) which is known to be a natural anti-oxidant. Vitamin C also helps the body to resist infectious agents and helps with eradicating harmful free radicals from the blood. It also helps to prevent scurvy diseases which is very common during travel or on voyages.

Helpful For Good Vision

Vitamin A is present in small levels together with flavonoids such as B-carotenes, beta-cryptoxanthin, zea-xanthin and lutein compounds which all have antioxidant properties. Vitamin A is very helpful for good vision, healthy skin and mucus membranes. Consuming lemons which are rich in flavonoids, are known to help protect the body from lung and oral cancers.

Good For Heart

Lemon contains more potassium then apple and grapes. Potassium is a significant element that helps control a good heart rate and blood pressure.

For Maintaing Good Cholesterol

Lemon helps in increasing the level of HDL High-density lipoproteins (good cholesterol). This is because of its anti-oxidant action. HDL takes the LDL-Low-Density lipoproteins(bad cholesterol) to the liver where it broken down.

Helpful in Digestion

Lemons mix with warm water relieve digestive problems. This is because lemon helps liver in producing more bile.


Prevent Constipation

Lemon mix with water is the best product in preventing constipation. This is because the Lemon helps in digestion and thus addresses all causes of constipation.

Fights Cancer

Lemons contain compounds called lemonoids which have been shown to stop cell division in cancer cells. Cancers of the mouth, skin, lung, breast, stomach, and colon have been proven to be relieved with the help of lemons.


Lemons contain a compound called hespiridin, which lowers blood sugar by increasing the activity of the enzyme glucokinase metabolizing glucose from the blood stream.

Prevent Bleeding From Gums

Due to it contains Vitamin-C thus it is very helpful in stopping bleeding from gums. Massage lemon juice gently into the gums a few minutes each day.

Great For Acne

Apply lemon juice with finger or cotton ball in acne, leave on overnight then rinse the following morning. Blotch removal. Mix 1-2 lemons with banana puree and apply to blotches for an hour. Make a paste by combining lemon juice and salt, use to rub off dead skin cells on elbows and thighs.

Mosquito Bites

To relieve itching and pain of mosquito bites put lemon juice on it for prompt relief.

Ant Repellent

Lemon juice has been using as ant repellent. Just pour the lemon juice at the corners of cupboards and windows for keeping away ants.

As A Deodorizer

Lemon juice can be used as a deodorizer because of its nice fragrance to get rid of strong order such as onion or after dish washing. Also it softens your skin as well.

Stain Removal

Use with salt to remove ink stains, rusts, or fruit stains. Rub the stain with lemon juice then apply salt then put in sun.


The benefits of lemon listed above are just the tip of the iceberg. The daily use of the lemon will not only helpful in health but caters most of the day to day problem as well. Enjoy reading this page so give us a favor by sharing it with whom you care. Thanks.

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